The Wilderness Tower

Wilderness Tower treehouse Norway

Treehouse in the woods

The Wilderness Tower, a genuine four-floor treehouse, offers a unique glamping experience in the southern Norwegian wilderness. Nestled among ancient pines along a moose trail at a secluded forest lake, it’s a truly enchanting escape. Row in the tranquil lake or unwind in your private wilderness spa with a hot tub and sauna on the dock. Families also love this treehouse with a playground and a dedicated carpenter’s workbench. The Wilderness Tower, at 20m² + loft, is small yet thoughtfully designed, providing sleeping space for 6 overnight guests. Welcome to Wilderness Tower!

The Wilderness Tower is a unique four-story treetop experience deep in the forest. The top two floors are nestled in the treetops, while the woodshed, carpenter’s workshop, and play loft are located below. With panoramic views of the forest landscape and two forest ponds, the treehouse offers a distinctive retreat.

The kitchen is equipped for a feast, featuring a gas-powered stove and refrigerator, along with a charming wood stove with a cooktop and oven. The dining table, adorned with an antique chandelier, seats 6.

After the meal, unwind on the sofa or in the hammock, enjoying a large picture window with breathtaking views. The wood stove is a crucial element, providing warmth and a cozy flickering light on cold autumn and winter evenings before retiring to bed.

Handcrafted birch beds with comfortable mattresses accommodate a total of 6 guests. One double bed, one triple bunk bed, and one shorter single bed.

Emphasis has been placed on creating a genuine ‘back-to-nature’ experience. Wilderness Tower is adorned with birch paneling and illuminated by candles. The only technical amenities are a battery pack with USB output for charging phones and a couple of rechargeable lamps.

On the waterfront, indulge in our Wilderness SPA with a hot tub and sauna, both boasting breathtaking views of lake Svartevannet. Both are wood-fired, creating a cozy haven for cooler evenings.
The outdoor shower offers a refreshing cooldown after a sauna session, or take a plunge into the lake.
Villmarks Tårnet - Wilderness Tower

The outhouse features a warming foam seat with panoramic views of Langemyra Marsh, making it easy to daydream while sitting with a view. The design minimizes odors with double composting chambers and straw walls.

If you prefer modern sanitary facilities, we have a guest bathroom down on the farm, approximately 2 km from the cabin, equipped with a toilet, shower, and washing machine.

On the veranda outside the treetop cabin, you’ll find a spacious and inviting area with a beautiful view. Equipped with tables and benches, it also hosts bird feeders where forest birds and squirrels often gather.

On the forest floor, the bonfire area features sturdy tables and benches. Bonfires and grilling are popular and integral to the nature experience. The bonfire spot includes a grill grate, and marshmallow sticks can be found in the kitchen drawers. Bonfires are allowed year-round as long as there is no risk of forest fires.

While adults enjoy the fire, children can climb up to the play loft and onto the climbing frame outside. There’s also a large swing that is a favorite among the youngest ones.

The carpenter’s bench brings joy to both young and old with planks, nails, hammers, and saws. In this family-friendly Treehouse, creative minds can craft their own sustainable wilderness activities. 

The carpentry workshop also serves as a woodshed with dry wood for stoves and bonfires.

From the parking area, you have two options to reach Wilderness Tower:

  1. Follow the trail along lake Svartevann through the pine forest. Distance: 350 meters
  2. Row or paddle across lake Svartevann using a canoe or rowboat. Distance: 300 meters

Canoe and rowboat are freely available, and there is a dock both at the parking area and at Wilderness Tower for mooring the boat

This treehouse is nestled in an open pine forest with marshes and two forest lakes. Moose, deer, and roe deer frequently make appearances. If you remain still and alert in the early hours, the chances are particularly good for spotting wildlife. Ducks, geese, and swans thrive in lake Svartevannet, and cranes occasionally pay a visit. In spring, capercaillie males perform their dance, audible from a kilometer away.

At the end of the marsh behind the outhouse lies Fiskekroken, a tiny forest pond with perch that you can try fishing for dinner. Late summer and autumn bring a bounty of berries and mushrooms in the pine forest around the treehouse, delighting our guests.

Everything in and around the Wilderness Tower is primarily constructed from materials sourced from the forests of Fiddan, much of it actually collected less than 500 meters from the cabin. Sustainable, local, or recycled materials have been a consistent theme throughout the entire building process. The cabin is without road access, electricity, and running water, yet it offers comfort and a sense of luxury. 
A a 100% green project where no trees have been felled, and no stones have been blasted away.
This is Norwegian Wilderness Lodging and Sustainable Glaming at the same site!

The daily rate ranges from NOK 2590 to NOK 3890. Hover over the desired date on the booking page to view the exact price.

Visit the booking page here.

For rates on extended stays, please contact us at

  • When booking more than 10 days before arrival – Payment deadline is 3 days after booking.
  • When booking less than 10 days before arrival – Immediate payment is required.

If you need to split your payment, you can proceed as follows:

  • 50% to confirm your booking
  • 50% with payment deadline 30 days before the check-in date.

Please contact us if this is applicable.

Note: If payment is not received by the payment deadline, your booking may be canceled without notice.

In the unlikely event that you need to cancel your reservation, the following rules apply:

  • Cancellation more than 30 days before arrival – 90% refund
  • Cancellation from 5 to 30 days before arrival – 50% refund
  • Cancellation less than 5 days before arrival – No refund

PayPal, Vipps, or other payment fees are non-refundable. Check with your travel insurance for any rights related to the cancellation.

For gift cards, cancellation rules apply only if you have selected dates for your stay.

Note: In the event of a reported storm or hurricane, we may have to cancel your stay on short notice. In such cases, you will be offered the option to reschedule your booking for other available dates

  • To Norwegian bank account
  • Card payments
  • Paypal

See all details about how to pay here

Check-in: from 14:00
Check-out: by 12:00

Earlier check-in or later check-out can be arranged if there are no other bookings on the respective days. You can check our booking calendar and possibly contact us the day before arrival to inquire about possibilities

Arrival by Car: Directions from Konsmo (Spar supermarket) to TreeTop Fiddan

  • From the center of Konsmo, drive south on Fv460 for 3.5 km
  • Turn left towards Birkeland on Fv508 for 2.6 km
  • Turn right towards Havreseland for 0.9 km
  • Turn right at house number 95 by a red shed.
  • Drive 1,5 km and keep right at all intersections
  • You have arrived at the parking lot for the Wilderness Tower, look for a wooden sign “Villmarks Tårnet”

Find the parking lot on the map and navigate to the position using any preferred app. Click on the link:

Arrival by Ferry: Color Line and Fjord Line have multiple daily departures from Denmark to Kristiansand. From Kristiansand, you can take a train or rent a car.

Arrival by Plane: Purchase a flight ticket to Kristiansand – Kjevik (KRS). From Kristiansand, you can take a train or rent a car.

Arrival by Train: You can purchase a train ticket at We offer pick-up and drop-off from Audnedal station. The train line runs between Stavanger and Kristiansand, and further to Oslo.

Distance from Cliff Cabin: – 2 km

At the parking lot, you’ll see a wooden sign – “Villmarks Tårnet” – right by the dock where the rowboat is. Please park in a way that allows passage for a tractor towards the cabin. From the parking lot, you can choose to take the path or row across the water.

If you choose the path, it’s a 350-meter walk to the cabin. Just follow the path past the boat dock and along lake Svartevannet, and you’ll reach the cabin.

If you choose to row or paddle across the water, the distance is 300 meters. Row to the right from the parking lot, and you’ll soon see the dock and treetop tower on the west side of the lake.

We are happy to pick up and drop off guests arriving by plane or train. See prices on our booking page.

During winter, there might be ice on the water or a lot of snow. In such cases, we need to discuss on the phone the day before arrival to arrange the best way to get to the cabin.

The cabin is not locked when you arrive, so you don’t need a key. Welcome in, and make yourself at home.

There’s a key hanging on the wall by the wood stove if you decide to use it during your stay at the Wilderness Tower. Just remember to hang it back in its place.

There are a total of 6 sleeping spots with comfortable mattresses.

In the loft, there is 1 double bed + 1 small single bed. The triple bunk bed is located by the stairs leading up to the loft.

Additionally, there’s a hammock and a small sofa that can be used for sleeping, expanding the capacity to accommodate 7 guests.

You need to bring your own beddings and towels or order this as an additional service in our booking form.

If you’ve already booked without bedding and towels but want to add this later, send an email to

The price per person is NOK 130,-

Duvet: 140x200cm
Pillow: 50x70cm

Note: Airbnb bookings always include beddings and towels.

We recommend a maximum of 6 guests for a comfortable stay in this small tree cabin, but we’re okay with 7 guests if that’s what you prefer

The kitchen is well-equipped for preparing gourmet meals in the treetops. It features a 4-burner gas cooktop and a wood-burning stove with an oven. A small gas-powered refrigerator with a mini freezer is located under the kitchen counter.

Kitchen Utensils:

  • Pots, frying pan, coffee pot, and campfire kettle
  • Fireproof dish and baking tray for the wood-burning stove
  • Plates, bowls, glasses, cups, and cutlery
  • Knives, wooden spoon, spatula, corkscrew, etc

In the summer, rainwater collects in a tank in the loft, or it’s pumped up from the pond. This is the water that comes out of the faucets and is used for washing dishes and hands.

During winter, there is no water in the faucets, and washing water must be carried up from the stream in water cans. This is necessary as the water pipes freeze in frosty conditions.

Drinking water from the farms well is provided in plastic cans marked «Drinking water»

There is NO electricity in the Wilderness Tower.

The cabin is heated with a wood-burning stove. Due to its small size and good insulation, it doesn’t take long to get warm.

The cabin is illuminated with candles and a battery-powered lamp that can be charged from a Dewalt power bank with a USB outlet.

What to bring:

  • Good footwear, preferably boots
  • Food and drinks
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Life jacket if you plan to use the boat or canoe
  • Fishing gear (optional)
  • Skis or snowshoes in winter (optional)

Optional additions:

Bring your own, DIY, or purchase the service from us:

  • Beddings and towels – NOK 130 per person
  • Cleaning of the cabin after use – NOK 400 per booking
  • Sauna – NOK 350 per booking
  • Hot tub – NOK 600 per booking
  • Transportation from the airport/train station – See prices in the booking form or ask us.


Note: Airbnb bookings always include beddings and towels.

We provide:

  • Firewood for wood stove, bonfire, sauna and tub
  • Gas
  • Drinking water in cans
  • Candles
  • Toilet paper/tissue
  • Dishwashing liquid and kitchen towels

The hot tub and sauna can be booked as an additional service in the booking form. If you have already booked without selecting the hot tub and sauna but wish to add this, send an email to

Hot tub – NOK 600 per booking
Sauna – NOK 350 per booking

Allow at least 3 hours to heat up the hot tub to a comfortable temperature. Follow the instructions on the sauna wall or in the information booklet.

The hot tub is generally closed in winter as the hoses and water pump can be damaged by frost. However, the most enthusiastic guests have the option to manually fill it with buckets. We do not recommend using the hot tub when it’s cold and windy.

The sauna heats up faster, and the session can start after maybe half an hour. It can be used throughout the year. Instructions are on the wall inside the sauna

The fire pit is located on the forest floor right by the cabin.

There are simple grates for grilling and a campfire kettle for making coffee. Grill utensils and hot dog sticks should be in the kitchen drawer.

Tables and benches are made of rough timber.

NOTE – Be cautious with fire. Do not light a fire in high-risk forest fire conditions. Ask us if you are unsure.

Help us with waste sorting:

  • Food waste – Dispose in the compost bin behind the outdoor toilet
  • Plastic, paper, glass, and metal – Sort and dispose at the parking lot
  • General waste – Dispose at the parking lot

You are allowed to bring your dog, but it’s important that it is well-behaved. Please keep it away from sofa and beds.

Note – Dogs must be on a leash at all times throughout the year because we want to protect the wildlife near the cabin

There is mobile coverage in the cabin, but the quality varies. It seems that the operator ‘Telenor’ has the best coverage.

You can charge your mobile phone from a Dewalt power bank with a USB outlet.

Be cautious with fire.

  • Extinguish all candles before bedtime or when leaving the treehouse.
  • Always check that the door to the wood-burning stove is closed.
  • Put out the fire before leaving it.

You will find:

  • Fire extinguisher – Under the stone sink.
  • Smoke detector – In the ceiling of the loft.
  • Gas alarm – Behind the refrigerator.

We are determined to preserve the vegetation around the cabin at all costs, so it’s crucial that everyone uses existing trails and the designated fire pit.

Very important:

  • Never cut branches, bark, or chop trees around the cabin. Hot dog sticks can be found in the kitchen drawer.
  • Climbing the trees that the cabin is attached to is strictly prohibited

Please clean up after yourself and leave the cabin in the same condition as when you arrived.

NOTE: Washing the dishes is NOT included in the optional service “Cleaning of the cabin after use” All guests must wash the dishes before leaving.

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