TreeTop Fiddan

Real treehouses in the Norwegian woods

Welcome to TreeTop Fiddan, your gateway to nature’s embrace. Our unique treehouses offer glamping deep in the serene southern forests of Norway. Surrounded by wildlife and tranquil lakes, it’s an adventure and a haven of peace away from the stresses of everyday life

An authentic log cabin perched on the edge of a steep cliff, surrounded by lush pine forest and situated near our organic farm. Here, you can savor panoramic views of treetops and the valley from a wood-fired hot tub or the living room fireplace. The outdoor toilet provides a unique 7-meter free-fall experience, and a cable car transports firewood up to the cabin. Cliff Cabin takes you back in time in a 50m² treehouse that accommodates up to 8 guests. A unique Treetop retreats awaits you! – READ MORE –

Experience the charm of our four-story treetop cabin, nestled at the top of ancient pine trees along an elk trail by the tranquil forest pond. Enjoy a serene row on the water surrounded by breathtaking nature or unwind in your private hot tub and sauna on the dock. Here, you can truly find peace and tranquility for the soul. The 20m² cabin is compact yet thoughtfully designed, providing sleeping space for 6 overnight guests. An authentic wilderness adventure awaits you in this unique wooden  treehouse! – READ MORE –

Soloppgang Villmarks Tårnet
Nytelser i stampen
Cliff Cabin on the edge
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Gift card for a treehouse

Real Nordic Nature Experiences are the best gift you can give! Whether for the newlyweds, as a birthday present, or under the Christmas tree, a gift card for a stay at TreeTop Fiddan will always be a perfect choice!

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2 unique Nordic Treehouses for your Nature Escapes

Embark on a Norwegian Eco Tourism adventure at TreeTop Fiddan, your Wilderness Getaway on the Southern coast. Our rustic treehouses, just 7 km from the village of Konsmo, offer a unique stay surrounded by lush nature. 

Explore the best of the region, from the regional capital Kristiansand with its cultural life and beautiful beaches, to Mandal`s fantastic coast and local shops. Lyngdal invites you to explore serene landscapes and two fjords. With all this within an hour’s drive from Fiddan, our retreat is a perfect blend of glamping comfort, authentic nature and an excellent starting point for visiting the region.

Check the map below for the exact location of both cabins in the heart of Southern Norway.

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The treehouses are crafted to harmonize with nature, using local materials from Fiddan’s forests. Built with a gentle touch, considering the terrain and existing trees, they embrace eco-friendly principles. Preserving the natural surroundings is paramount, a feature valued by many today